At Hasseman Properties, we are unapologetic fans of Coshocton County.  We love it here.  We have started businesses here and have raised a family here.  We are all in. We Choose Coshocton.

As a matter of fact, we have been banging that drum for years.  That’s why it’s exciting when we see momentum gaining on Main Street…and in other areas of Coshocton County as well.  It’s also why we have created this website.  It’s not only a good way to promote our new venture.  It’s a great place for us to tell positive stories around Coshocton County.

We get to tell people, all over the world, why we Choose Coshocton.

For those that don’t know, we bought the building at 539 Main Street at a Sheriff’s sale a couple of years ago.  It was in really tough shape and had not been cared for in years.  The tenants that lived there at the time were forced to deal with bad plumbing, leaky ceilings, disgusting living conditions, and oh the smells!  It was rough.

Over the course of the past few years, Amy has worked incredibly hard to not only make the building live-able, but to bring it back to it’s original luster. She and Mike Blackson (with help from some awesome local contractors) have brought the plumbing up to code, put in 5 new HVAC units, fixed leaky roofs, removed radiators, replaced cabinets, added cameras, cleaned, painted, and even restored the hardwood floors to their original condition!  We are quite proud of it…and talk about it a bit in this video.

We have decided to call the building The Renaissance on Main.

We feel like this building is just one of many properties that are being improved in Coshocton County.  It’s a renaissance and we are proud to be a small part of it.  So we have created this website to not only promote the rooms we have at The Renaissance, but to promote Coshocton County and to share the good things happening in our community.  You can find some great Places To Eat In Coshocton and you can find some amazing attractions as well.  We have just begun to highlight them, so there will be more featured destinations coming soon.

So thanks for visiting our website!  We are so excited to share it with you, and we hope you Choose Coshocton soon.

Oh…and we will have more rooms at the Renaissance on Main soon.  Construction is still under way.  We will post updates here and on our Facebook page as they happen!