Ryan McPeek is the owner of the KOA Campground in Coshocton County.  Ryan grew up in the area and had the chance to travel the world.  But he maintained his Coshocton County roots and, when the time was right, he decided to come back to the area.  As you will see in this video, he purchased the former Colonial Pool property, and he and his family made it something big!  Watch more of his story here.

In addition to the amazing campground facilities, the site also plays host to the M Event Centre.  You can learn more about the facility here.  Oh…and you can learn more about Ryan’s wife, Camilla in this great article from the Coshocton Tribune.


This video series was created by the Coshocton County Port Authority in order to tell the stories of people that are creating a big life in Coshocton County.  
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