Some days can feel heavy.  Regardless of how positive you are, sometimes it’s hard to feel “up.”  During this holiday season, in the middle of a pandemic, I feel that from people all over.  We want to keep the pep in our step, but some times it’s hard.  When that happens, I am often reminded that I need to be intentional about “pushing out some good.

That is the purpose of this post.  In the midst of trying and turbulent times, there are some good things happening in our community.  Some progress is going on.  It is my goal to shine a light on just a few good things that are happening in Coshocton County.

3 For 3 Initiative

Color me biased on this, as we are a part of this initiative, but there is some positive movement on this front.  For those that are not aware, the 3 for 3 for Coshocton County is a community led initiative that has identified 3 priorities to move Coshocton County forward over the next 3 years.  The priorities are 1) Create a culture of entrepreneurship and business, 2) Improve Property Maintenance and Revitalization and 3) Create World Class technology and infrastructure.

While the initiative is only a few months old, there has already been positive momentum on each priority.  If you want to start a business in Coshocton County, a map has been created to show you the way.  Parking lots have been painted and improved (with lots of groups participating) and work has started to create wi-fi access up and down Main Street.  Again, this is only the beginning.  But there is plenty to be hopeful about as the community works together on this initiative.  If you want to learn more about this initiative (and stay up on the updates), check out the Facebook page here.

Holiday Lights at the Fairgrounds

Like nearly all things “public,” Coshocton County was forced to cancel the holiday parade.  But necessity is the mother of invention.  And this past week Coshocton hosted a drive thru Holiday light display at the Coshocton County fairgrounds.  What a response.  The line of cars went down 7th Street and had lines up Walnut, Main Street and Chestnut Street to see the display.  The event was a fundraiser for Toys for Tots and we can’t help but be excited about the response.

Virtual Candle Lighting at Roscoe Village

For 48 years, Candle Lighting at Historic Roscoe Village has been the kick off to the holiday season for many.  So what do you do when you can’t gather in groups?  This year, Roscoe Village recreated the event virtually!  You can check that out here.  And don’t worry, you can still come to Roscoe Village (please do).  The shops and restaurants are open and we would love to welcome you in.

Oh…and while you are here…pick up this custom calendar from Good Boy Bakery.

Step Up Mask Up Campaign

While it seems no one is excited about wearing a mask, most health officials have told us it’s important to slow the spread of the virus.  We are excited about the Step Up Mask Up campaign because local officials have come together to help spread the word.  We even have support from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.  It’s a great example of Coshocton County leading the way to keep each other safe and to keep our businesses open!  You can learn more about the campaign and watch the videos here.

Momentum on Main Street

Many small towns have had challenges with their Main Street.  Coshocton County has too.  But when you look around right now, you can see a lot of momentum on Main Street.  As we talk about in this video, many buildings have been purchased, some have already been renovated (with more coming) and there is even a brand new building as well.  And it feels like this is just the beginning.  We are proud to be in the center of it!

Choose Coshocton Campaign

For the last year years, The Coshocton County Port Authority has sponsored a video series inviting people to be “A Part of Something Big…Someplace Small.”  In this video series, people from Coshocton County have explained why they Choose Coshocton to create the life of their dreams.  Want to be inspired?  Spend some time watching this playlist of videos on Facebook.

And here’s the thing…this is an incomplete list!  Like we said when we created our list of 100 things we love about Coshocton County, there are more things that are moving in the right direction.  So in this time of challenge, help us seek out the positive.  Let us know what you see in Coshocton County that is moving in the right direction.

Oh…and as always, if you want to visit Coshocton County and you need a place to stay, check out our Places To Stay page here.