A funny thing happened on the way to the pandemic.  People started moving to Coshocton County.

For the last few months, many studies and news organizations have shown that more and more people are exiting large cities in favor of smaller areas.  There are plenty of reasons why.  The biggest cited reason is the ability of more and more jobs to be done from home.  Without the need to live near their office, people have the ability to live – and work – from anywhere.  So thousands of people are ditching the traffic and the commute in favor of lower crime, fresh air, and friendlier faces.

More and more people have decided to Choose Coshocton.

This is not just an opinion.  As anyone who works in the real estate market will tell you, houses are selling at an amazing rate.  The average time on the market for many homes is way below normal.  The value of the real estate has gone up too.  And this increase in demand has not been created by people who already live in the community.  More people are moving into Coshocton County than are moving out.

Which begs the question, why?

Whenever I tell people about this migration, the question I get is “why?”  I often smile through the unintended insult and do my best to answer on the fly.  But here, I thought I would give you just a few reasons (other than the 100 things we love) why people have decided, during this time to choose Coshocton County.

Low Cost of Living

Despite the fact that real estate prices are rising, the cost of living in Coshocton County is still very low in comparison to other areas.  This not only means the money you earn will go further.  It also means that you have the ability to create a profitable business here.  It means you will have access to do more here.  And it means you will be able to give more here.

The momentum of the Community

Sometimes it’s hard to see it when you live in a community.  But Coshocton County has been making a lot of progress over the past few years.  There is a ton of investment happening on Main Street, leaders are working and collaborating together, and the giving spirit of the community has stayed strong.  People around the region and the country have started to take notice.

Great Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of those things that is hard to quantify, but you know it when you have it.  For me, this means wonderful parks, athletic facilities, and a vibrant arts community.  It also means friendly faces, safe streets, and community support of businesses and non-profits.  Coshocton County is also home to tourist attractions like Roscoe Village, amazing wineries and so much more.  Oh…and we can get to Columbus in an hour if we need to.

Ability to have a Voice

This is one that I don’t think people talk about enough.  In a city, it’s easy to be anonymous if you want.  For some people, that is a good thing.  But it’s harder to make a difference.  In a community like Coshocton County, you can become involved.  We know our leaders by name.  You can not only become a part of the present momentum, you can help shape the future.  For many people, that matters.  You really can create something big…someplace small.

This is a wildly incomplete list…and I would love to hear your reasons that you Choose Coshocton.  If you are interested in visiting the area or coming back to see it again, you can find a place to stay here.

As a side note, if you want to relocate to a smaller area, but still want to have an office to work from, you can do that too!  Here is an office for sale now.  You might be able to buy a home AND an office for the same price as a home in a larger city!