The challenges of 2020 have been well documented.  Between the pandemic, racial injustice, election controversies, and so much more, this has been a tough year for many.  These are truths that are indisputable.  On the other hand, there have been many forward-moving initiatives worth celebrating this year in Coshocton County.  So while we don’t want to be tone deaf to the challenges, we also don’t want to ignore the good things that have happened in 2020…in Coshocton County.

3 for 3 Initiative Starting

The 3 For 3 for Coshocton County is a community led initiative in the community to move 3 priorities forward.  The priorities are to 1) Create a culture of entrepreneurship and business 2) Improve property maintenance and revitalization and 3) Create world class technology and infrastructure.  While the initiative is just beginning, progress is already happening.  If you want to keep up you can learn more on Facebook here.

Investment in Main Street

For years people have said “someone needs to do something about Main Street!”  Well don’t look now, but someone is!  I talk about some of the momentum on Main Street in this video.  This year, the Allwell Behavioral Health Center was built, the Thompsons bought the former Coshocton Tribune building and opened the Thompson business center, Main Street Station has opened for business, and renovations have begun on the former Golden’s clothing store.  These are just a few examples of a Renaissance on Main…oh…that’s us!

MFM expands in Coshocton County

MFM Building Products Expands

The Coshocton Port Authority announced last week that MFM Building Products will be doing an $8 Million expansion in Coshocton County that could create up to 21 more jobs.  This is good news any year…and certainly now!  Did you know that approximately 70% of Ohio’s job growth is a result of growing existing business?

County Commissioners Help Small Businesses with Cares Grant

As we said, there have been businesses that have struggled during this crisis.  That is why the Coshocton County Commissioners used over $500,000 to help some of those small businesses.  The Commissioners accepted applications and then gave grants to over 80 businesses in the community.

Step Up Mask Up

While the topic of wearing masks can be controversial, the collaboration on this campaign has been exciting.  Local officials from the city and county came together (with small business owners) to create the “Step Up Mask Up” campaign.  The video, which you can see here, encouraged community members to do their part to help the community and small business.  The campaign even had masks, posters and a video from the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine.

Painting Parking Lots

File this under “It’s amazing what can be done when people work together.”  A few of the city parking lots around Main Street needed some love and attention.  So Our Town Coshocton and 3 For 3 got together to make it happen.  The City of Coshocton donated workers and materials.  Then volunteers from 3 For 3, Our Town Coshocton, Black Lives Matter, Coshocton Rotary, Coshocton Is Blooming, River View Honor Society, and more got to work sprucing up the area.  It may sound simple.  But these improvements not only make the parking lot look better.  But it shows you what you can do if you decide to make a difference!

born in ohio event in coshocton

Born in Ohio Event

Did you know that Coshocton is the Birthplace of the Promotional Products Industry?  The Ohio Promotional Products Association knows and celebrated that at the Born In Ohio event in October.  The event featured leaders from the Promotional Products industry coming to Coshocton touring the community (safely, of course).  The Mayor of Coshocton, Mark Mills, even presented the group a key to the city!

Clothing Drive in Coshocton County

For the third year in a row, the community hosted a clothing drive to help people that need clothes.  Because of the challenges with COVID-19, the event was moved from Coshocton High School to the Coshocton County Fairgrounds.  But the show went on…and hundreds of people were able to be served!  Despite the challenges of this year, or maybe because of them, the giving spirit is alive and well in Coshocton County.

coshocton urgent care opens

Urgent Care Open for CRMC

Coshocton Regional Medical Center announced the opening of an Urgent Care Facility in August. The facility provides local patients an option other than a trip to the Emergency Room.  It’s another, more flexible option, to healthcare in Coshocton County.

Wiley Companies Donate Hand Sanitizer

Back in March, when everyone was asked to head home, many of us were wondering what could be done.  The group at the Wiley Companies decided to do something.  The team at Wiley decided to use their expertise to shift from making supplements to making hand sanitizer, and they donated over 10,000 bottles to local healthcare professionals.  This came at a time when hand sanitizer was extremely hard to come by…so it made a huge impact.

This is only 10 of the good things that happened in Coshocton County in 2020.  While this list is woefully incomplete, it’s a start.  We are proud of our community for pushing forward during this challenging time.

Want to learn more about Coshocton County?  Now might be a great time to schedule a visit.  Please head here to book your stay!