Jandi Adams grew up in Coshocton County.  So did her parents and grandparents.  She has a history in Coshocton County…and especially with the outdoors.  So when she had the opportunity to become Executive Director of Clary Gardens, she was excited at the challenge.  Check out why she decided to Choose Coshocton in this short video.

Clary Gardens is a botanical garden that is free and open to the public.  Their mission is to engage the community to develop and maintain a botanical garden that provides access to horticultural education, sustainability practices, local history, and the arts. Whether you are a business professional looking to preserve the local history of the gardens; a couple wanting to tie-the-knot in an amazing venue; an individual seeking local educational opportunities for your family, or a lifelong-learner aspiring to develop knowledge in gardening or lawn care…Clary Gardens is a must-see.  Learn more here.

This video series was created by the Coshocton County Port Authority in order to tell the stories of people that are creating a big life in Coshocton County.  
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