I can almost hear Don Henley from the Eagles singing, “Welcome to the Hotel…Coshocton!”  Okay…maybe that does not roll off the tongue like the original tune did.  But we found this piece of history of our building recently, and it has us even more excited.

hotel coshocton now renaissance on Main

We came across this photo in a Coshocton County Facebook group last week.  It is a picture of the Hotel Coshocton.  It was great to see this piece of history, and even more rewarding to know that we are bringing it back to life.  We have called it the Renaissance on Main because we feel it is a bit of a rebirth in our community.  And seeing it in its original form as a Hotel is great.  Since we are now renting the rooms out on Airbnb, it’s really kind of come full circle.

But then it got even better.

In the thread of the comments, Marjorie Mathias Wright posted this article from the Coshocton Tribune…from 1917.  It was just too good not to share!


The “Hotel Coshocton” whose doors will be open to guests, Monday morning, May 7, 1917. It is a handsome addition to Coshocton’s business enterprises and will be a big factor in making the town well known to the traveling public.
Situated in the heart of the business section, within one block of the Pennsylvania depot, two blocks from the W. & L. E. depot, and one block from the new government building. It leaves nothing to be desired in the way of location; in fact, all varied activities and interests of the city are right at hand, accessible when wanted. Hotel Coshocton is built of iron and brick with terra cotta trimmings. (By the way, as much iron has gone into its construction as into the Randles Bridge, just south of town). The foundation is of strength and massiveness sufficient to support the future two stories.
The stairs, both front, and rear of the building are of steel, the floors of halls from which the stairs ascend are of reinforced concrete. The building in every way complies with the strictest ruling of the State Fire Marshall, having the state’s approval of construction. It is as absolutely as fireproof as a building can be and by way of safeguarding, the guests still further there is installed upon each floor, at the end of each hall a special two-inch water main, attached to linen house.
The lobby is particularly attractive and imposing. The floor is black and white tile; the walls are of Caen Stone, tinted in a harmonious shade of tan, with plaster trimmings; the lighting figures alongside walls and ceilings are exceptionally handsome and provide brilliant illumination. The furnishings consist of handsome leather chairs and settees with writing desks of fumed oak and a number of beautiful palms add to the handsome effect. At the rear is a checkroom, as well as a large and completely equipped wash and toilet room. At the rear is an elevator, which carries guests to the upper floors.
The floors are hardwood, covered with small rugs in the bedrooms and runners in the halls; the woodwork is all dull finish; the walls are tinted a light tan, the color effect of woodwork, halls, and rugs being particularly harmonious. The bedrooms are all outside rooms with plenty of fresh air. The fact that the building is heated throughout with its own system of steam heat guarantees the greatest comfort in winter. Simplex windows, full-length screens, and electric fans mean cool and refreshing breezes on the hottest nights in summer. The bedrooms, like the rest of the building, are well lighted with electricity.
The furnishings of these bedrooms leave absolutely nothing to be desired by the man or woman to whom comfort and convenience are all essential. The beds are equipped with the best hair mattresses and box springs. In addition to the bed, each room is equipped with a dresser, writing desk, suitcase rack, wastebasket, straight chair, rocking chair.
Most of the rooms which have private baths adjoining them, these baths having tile floor and walls and being perfectly equipped with lavatories with hot and cold water and between each two (and opening from them) is a shower, bath, and toilet. There is a telephone in every room. The restroom above mentioned is completely and comfortably equipped with a table, handsome wicker chairs upholstered in tapestry, and a comfortable davenport. This room as well as the comfortable washrooms (and the excellent restaurant in the same building) will make the Hotel Coshocton exceptionally popular among automobile tourists.
There is no dining room in connection with the Hotel Coshocton but in the same building and entered by a door from the hotel lobby is a well-managed restaurant, in the same building is a barbershop and newsstand. The Hotel Coshocton is to have no formal opening but the management is glad to welcome its friends at any time. To show them through the building will be both a privilege and a pleasure.
Hotel Coshocton is a business enterprise, which all Coshocton should be proud of because it is distinctly of Coshocton. The entire building furnishings were taken from the shelves of Coshocton merchants. Because it is conveniently located, as its furnishings represent the acme of the comfort, because its prices are exceedingly reasonable; because its management is capable and efficient Hotel Coshocton bespeaks the patronage of the traveling public. It is distinctly Coshocton product and will be conducted in a way, which will be a credit to the community.
Coshocton Morning Tribune –1917
So like we said…how cool is that?  We invite you to explore the history and present of Coshocton County by visiting us soon.  You can see what the rooms look like here.  And if you are looking for something to do while you are here, please check out the many attractions here.  
We look forward to seeing you at the Hotel Coshocton…ahem…Renaissance on Main!