Any good team will tell you that a “win is a win.”  It’s great to have a success, regardless of whether you lost the week before.  But if you win a few weeks in a row, you can create a wonderful thing called “momentum.”  When you have positive momentum, it can build upon itself.  You start to expect good things to happen.

As a leader, it’s hard to create momentum.  But once you have it, you want to keep it going!  That is why we are so excited to share these videos about good things happening in Coshocton County.  There really is momentum…and we want to help by telling that story!

7 Good Things Happening In Coshocton County

This video was created back in June.  The idea was to point out several things that different organizations were creating.  Often, we see good things by themselves.  But when we connect the dots, we understand the impact all of them can have.  Here we learn about collaboration, Main Street investment (in the millions), and the real estate market…just to name a few.  Watch the video here to see for yourself.

5 Good Things Happening In Coshocton County

After that video, we kept seeing more reason to celebrate.  So we created a follow up video that talked about a local business expansion, a new Tavern opening in Roscoe and the new Coshocton Collaborative.  Learn about all of these in this video.

5 MORE Good Things

Give the people what they want!  The feedback on these videos has been wonderful.  So we decided to keep it going.  In this latest video, we discuss 5 more things that we have to be excited about.  Can you say “more food?”  When you combine the new businesses opening with grant dollars flowing into Coshocton, we have plenty of reasons to cheer.  Watch the latest video here.

We think this is what momentum looks like in a community.

Now is a great time to take a fresh look at Coshocton County, and see where you can invest and make a difference.

If you want to visit our community and take a look, here are some nice places to stay!  See you soon!