It is so exciting to see all of the momentum in Coshocton County.  While it is due to the efforts of many people, organizations, and leaders, we are proud of the role the 3 for 3 has played.  And since there has been so much positive from our efforts (we talk about many of them each time on the podcast Coshocton Conversations), we want to keep it going!

So here is an update from a recent in-person meeting!

A few weeks ago we held an “all-in” 3 for 3 meeting in person at Main Street Station.  Here are some updates from the meeting…and some ideas on keeping the momentum going.

First, we got together to talk about just a few of the positive pieces of momentum that have been created over the last year.  It’s exciting!  But we want to keep the good things rolling.  So we wanted to get together to talk about the next projects that the 3 for 3 might tackle.  We have had some big wins and we wanted to celebrate that.  And one of those big wins is telling the story of the good things that have happened.  We are changing the narrative of the community and that is exciting.  With that in mind, we have created a podcast series called Coshocton Conversations.  We have 4 episodes at and more are coming…but here is episode 2 with County Commissioner Gary Fischer:

Next, we split up into 3 different tables and brainstormed “what’s next.”  What are the projects that each committee should consider to continue to move the momentum forward?  This is not a specific “to do” list.  It’s a list of projects to consider.  As we have new committee meetings…we can decide if these are projects we want to tackle.  So without further ado…here are the suggestions.

Priority 1

  • Baby Shark Tank with schools/Entrepreneurship contest
  • Workforce training so new businesses and all businesses have qualified employees.
  • Use “Linked in Learning” to assist folks in training
  • Develop other learning environments for other learning styles other than digital (kinesthetic learners)
  • Continue to create internship opportunities for youth to come back to Coshocton
  • Continue to create entrepreneurship training
  • Create entrepreneurship/leader group to create support and feeder group
  • Create investment group
  • Create a wish list of businesses we want to come to town.
  • Create a grant program to help new businesses open (by discounting rent for new biz)

Priority 2

  • Continue to find new opportunities for beautification
  • Create meeting to explain Historic Tax Credit…also podcast
  • Get builders to create spec houses
  • Explore ways to help Roscoe maintain streets/sidewalks
  • Finish the Tree project and light project on Main Street Coshocton.
  • Create electric vehicle charging stations

Priority 3

  • Signage and marketing to enhance Wi-Fi on Main street
  • Finish the Wi-fi on Main Street
  • Continue to finish county IT project
  • QR codes for various learning about Coshocton opportunities. (Roscoe, Court Square, others)

As I said above, this is not a comprehensive list…but it’s a good jumping-off point for each committee.

Now we need to get to work!  If you want more information or want to get involved head here to learn more.