We talk a lot about the good things happening in Coshocton County here on ChooseCoshocton.com.  And here lately, we have had a lot to talk about!  Here is a recent video about 5 more good things in the area.

And while plenty of good things are going on, one of these is most exciting to us!

We have a new electric charging station in Coshocton!  This new charging station is less than a block from the Renaissance on Main.  So if you have an electric vehicle, we want you!  There are two more charging stations coming soon as well.  Special thanks to our County Commissioners for making this happen!

As you know if you have an electric vehicle, this new charging station puts Coshocton County on the map…quite literally.  Chargepoint, the manufacturer of the charging station, has an app for electric vehicle drivers to find places to charge.  Now, when people are looking for a place to visit, our community shows up!  And there are other sites (like this one) that help to share that information as well.

So if you are one of the 5% (and growing) of drivers that now have an electric vehicle…Coshocton County is open for business!

And of course, if you want to stay overnight, we would love to have you at the Renaissance on Main.  Check out some places to stay here!