My wife and I were standing outside of our office on Main Street on Friday night enjoying the amazing local holiday parade.  The parade had ended and now the crowd was heading down to the Courtsquare to see the lighting of the community tree…and then the first official light show of the Coshocton County Courthouse.  I overheard one couple talking to each other and the woman said, “Coshocton has SO much going on right now!  It’s impressive.”

We couldn’t agree more!  The last few years have given Coshocton County a dizzying amount of positive projects.  It’s been amazing!  The only challenge, I see, is that we might lose sight of all of the great things if we aren’t intentional about focusing on them.

That is why I want to start this new piece of content intended to highlight the Top 5 Good Things Happening in Coshocton County…this week.  It will not be a comprehensive list.  But my hope is it will be a reason to celebrate for those of us who call Coshocton County home.  In addition, it might be just another reason why you should consider visiting or investing in our community.

Top 5 Good Things Happening In Coshocton County…This Week

Coshocton county courthouse illumination project

Coshocton County Courthouse Illumination

Friday night was just a great kickoff to the holiday season in downtown Coshocton.  The event started with the Miracle on Main Street parade.  Then, as I mentioned earlier, as soon as the parade concluded, the crowd moved down to the Courtsquare to see the lighting of the community tree.  After that, the Coshocton Courthouse Illumination projects dazzled the crowd.  If you were not able to attend, great news.  You can head to Coshocton any time this holiday season to check out the magic after dark.  Oh…and if you like this picture, be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW Dobbins Aerial Photography.  Kyle has some amazing photos!

mcwane ductile river walk

The McWane Ductile River Walk

Teamwork makes the dream work.  That is certainly true of this new project on County Road 1A on the way into town.  McWane Ductile GENEROUSLY led the way with a $500,000 donation to create this new riverwalk, and the County Commissioners (and team) did the rest!  This new walking, biking, and running path is absolutely beautiful!  I had the chance to run along there today and it was gorgeous.

Retail Shops on Main Street

It is great to see some investments in new business in downtown Coshocton.  Rust Decor is a must-see shop downtown.  Not only does it feature over 40 vendors, but you can grab a coffee and take part in painting.  So is Bexley Ann’s, Scoops, The Antique Mall…and more.  It’s great to see these small businesses working to thrive on our Main Street.

16 Open Back Up To 2-Way Traffic

If you are from Coshocton County, this is music to your ears.  State Route 16 has been under construction for quite some time.  And while that might be necessary, it surely is nice when we don’t have to take a detour to get home.  I am sure that goes double for those who are visiting the area.  So cheers to 16 being open in both directions!

Coshocton Career Center receives grant

Coshocton Career Center Receives $4.4 Million Grant

When you google “Coshocton receives a grant,” there is actually a LOT to choose from!  So we will start this week with the recent announcement that the Coshocton County Career Center received $4.4 million for the construction of new labs.  Read more here.  “The grant will enable the construction of two state-of-the-art labs dedicated to industrial maintenance and utility line worker programs at the Coshocton County Career Center.”  That is a big number going to improve Coshocton County.  Well done!

This is an exciting list of good things happening in Coshocton County.  But it’s wildly incomplete.  Please help us spread the word, and let us know about other positive things in Coshocton County that we should feature!  And if you want to stay up to date on our projects, or fun things happening in the community, sign up here for our email newsletter.