One of the goals that we set for ourselves when we started getting serious about real estate was to “renovate and elevate” properties.  Amy even started a Facebook and Instagram page with that name to show “behind the scenes” at real projects we were doing.  Our thought is that if we can improve a property, that has the power to begin a change in a neighborhood.

So we are incredibly excited to showcase the latest property at 562 Cambridge Road in Coshocton.

The home, which was a 3-bedroom 2-story house, was well-built and had plenty of character.  But like many older homes, this one just needed some updates.  First, please check out our “before” video.  To be fair, this was during the renovation process. But it can give you a look at the transformation.

One of the big changes we made is that we wanted to add a bedroom on the 1st floor.  By creating this master suite on the first floor, you now can have complete first-floor living.  We also put in all new flooring, updated the kitchen and bathrooms, and added one more full bathroom on the first floor.  With that in mind, please take a look at the new property.  Welcome to 562 Cambridge Road!

We are very pleased with how the transformation turned out.  Special thanks to the many folks who helped to make this happen including Mike Blackson and Suzi Bennett!  Our intention is to use this new property as a mid-term rental for traveling professionals in the Coshocton County area or for Corporate Rentals.  We think this will be a wonderful place to stay while folks Choose Coshocton.

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