If you have been following along on this site (and this blog), you know there are quite a few exciting things happening in Coshocton County…and we work to highlight them.  This time, we want to talk about updates from The Roscoe (formerly The Roscoe Motor Inn).  This new project (located at 421 S. Whitewoman Street) is moving along nicely, and we wanted to give you a quick look behind the scenes.

the Roscoe new siding

We Are Still Open For Business

Let’s start with an important one!  There has been some confusion about whether or not we are still open for guests.  We absolutely are still open for business!  While we are making updates, we are working to do that while still maintaining clean and comfortable places for our guests to stay.  It’s a bit of a balancing act, but we do have rooms available.  You can find those rooms here if you need to make a reservation.

the Roscoe new logo

New Name

The Roscoe Motor Inn has been a great facility since the mid-1980s in Coshocton County.  And as we give it a new look, we also felt it was time to give it an updated brand.  So the new facility will be called “The Roscoe.”  We love the new logo’s look, and new signage will be coming soon!

the roscoe

New Exterior

You may have already noticed a new look on the outside.  We have replaced the siding to (hopefully) improve the look and give the building a new feel.  We have painted some of the doors, but needed to take a break as the cold weather rolled in.  We will continue to update that as the weather warms up.  We believe that the new siding, combined with the new signage, will give the facility an even better look as you enter the community.

the rosoce renovation progress

New Interior Progress

Work has begun in earnest on changes in the rooms.  We have started on the 1st floor and are excited about the changes so far.

The Roscoe renovation project

We are replacing the floors, removing the wallpaper, and sanding the rooms so they are ready to be painted.  In addition, we need to remove the glue from the wallpaper…and that has certainly taken some time.  We think we might have created a new aerobic workout with that!

The Roscoe renovation

In addition, we are replacing the lighting to give it an updated, and more modern look.

The Roscoe renovation

We have one room complete on the first floor and more coming very soon.  The response so far to the new look has been incredible and we are thrilled to bring this new look to guests of Coshocton County.  While this image below is not complete, we have made some progress on the rooms!

The Roscoe renovation

Here is a quick look at the transition from Room 5 to Room 4 at The Roscoe.


As you can see, we have a lot of changes and improvements coming at the Roscoe!  Please stay tuned as we give more updates and opportunities to come and see the updated facility for yourself.  As always, if you need a place to stay when you visit any of these amazing events, please click here to find Places To Stay!