If you have ever thought about starting a business, this is a blog for you.  Being an entrepreneur can be exciting and scary.  We get it.  This article to set to explain how to get your idea off the ground.  And we want to answer the questions “When?” and “Where” with answers “Now” and “Coshocton County.”

NOW Might Be The Time

While we can all look around and see that the economic time are turbulent, that might be the perfect reason to get started.  First, many people have found themselves furloughed or displaced from their jobs.  That’s just a fact of 2020.  In addition, if you still have work, it might look different now.  Some people are being asked to do more job for less money.  It’s what happens when times are tough.

In addition, many amazing businesses have been started in an economic downturn.  Netflix, Trader Joe’s, Airbnb, and Microsoft, just to name a few, began in recessions.  While it can be scary to start when times are tough, most entrepreneurs will tell you the time will never be perfect.  If you wait for perfection, you will never start.  You might as well start now.

Coshocton County Might Be The Place

Now that we have established that now is the time to get started.  The next question is where.  We think Coshocton County is a GREAT place to start a business.  Why?  There are plenty of reasons that make Coshocton fertile ground for entrepreneurship.  Some of the reasons overlap with why so many people are moving here.  So let’s dig into just a few things that make this area the perfect place to start the business of your dreams.

Low Cost of Living

The idea of starting any venture begins with making money.  Not only can you create a profitable business in Coshocton County, but due to a low cost of living, that money goes farther.  This allows you to re-invest in the business to keep growing, create a lifestyle your family will love, or even allows you to give back.  Either way, keeping costs down in your business helps you succeed.

Low Cost of Property

While the real estate market is certainly on the upswing in Coshocton County, the cost of property is still much lower than in metropolitan areas.  This lower cost allows you to get more for your money.  This means safer, higher-quality buildings for the money…and then less money to go to real estate improvements.

Community Support

When asked about some of the best things about doing business in Coshocton County, entrepreneurs will often say “the people.”  The community really wants to see others succeed.  That translates into support for your new business…and that is huge.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is often a term that is thrown around that is hard to measure.  We get that.  But what it means to us is the ability to have a vibrant lifestyle and enjoy the things you love to do…with the people you want to enjoy them with.  This might include going to the theater, eating out and listening to live music, spending time outdoors, or trying the best beer and wine in the state.  Coshocton County has all of that and more.  For more of the attractions of the area, click here.

Resources for Success

Finally, you want to start your new business in a place where you are set up for success.  Coshocton County has the resources to get your business off on the right foot.  Between the community support, the Coshocton County Port Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, the SBDC, and more, you will have a team of people that will not only cheer you on…but help point you in a direction for tools.  With that in mind, we have created this “Road Map” for success in getting started.  It’s a free PDF that will help you where to go…and how to get started.  And have we mentioned it’s Free?  Go here to get your road map today.

So there you have it.  Now is a good time to start.  And you can start here in Coshocton County.  Good luck!  And as always, if you need a place to stay while you scouting out locations, feel free to check here.