Last week we got inspired to highlight some good things going on in Coshocton County.  But we realized we couldn’t fit it all into just one blog post.  As we mentioned, there is so much good going on, that it would have taken forever!  So we decided to showcase 5 good things happening in Coshocton County…each time.  You can see last week’s blog here.  The response was so good, we are back this week with 5 more!

Top 5 Good Things Happening In Coshocton County…This Week (Holiday Edition)

Yes…we had some holiday stuff last week.  We even highlighted the Courthouse Illumination project.  That is awesome.  If you haven’t seen it yet, hop in the car and head to the Courtsquare to check it out ASAP.

christmas magic in lights

Christmas Magic In Lights

The Christmas Magic in Lights display is a drive-thru event on Saturday, December 2nd from 6 pm to 10 pm.  It’s volunteer-driven and not only delivers some holiday cheer.  But it also acts as a fundraiser to get needy kids bicycles.  Check it out and donate!

candlelighting holidays in Coshocton County

Candlelighting in Roscoe

Candlelighting is a holiday tradition in Roscoe Village that brings in people from all over to visit our community.  And if it sounds familiar, we talked about it in this video.  On December 2nd and December 9th, make it a point to be in Roscoe Village as the tree is lit and the crowd sings Silent Night together.  This is one you don’t want to miss.

coshocton community choir

Coshocton Community Choir Concert

And speaking of signing that you don’t want to miss, it’s time for the Coshocton County Community Choir Concert.  This year the concert will be at a new location at River View High School.  You can get more information about the concert, and where to get tickets here.

miss ohio send off celebration

Miss Ohio’s Send Off Celebration

Did you know Miss Ohio is from Coshocton County?  Well…now you do!  Our very own Madison Miller will be heading to compete for Miss America!  We are so incredibly proud.  There will be an event to help send her off in style.  You can learn more about the event…and find tickets here.

Santa’s Christmas Carnival

And finally, for our Holiday edition, check out Santa’s Christmas Carnival.  This event, which will raise funds for the Courthouse Illumination project, (have we mentioned we love that?) will be on Saturday, December 9th.  You can have coffee and donuts, make your own ornament, get your picture taken with Santa…and more!  Learn more and find out ticket information here.

As usual, this is not a comprehensive list, but it’s our Top 5 Good Things Happening in Coshocton County…this week.  If you have other events or cool things happening, please post those in the comments.  Our goal is to keep this positive momentum rolling around the community.

And of course, if you need a place to stay when you visit any of these amazing events, please click here to find Places To Stay!