It’s been fun (and pretty easy) to highlight some of the good things happening in Coshocton County recently.  Why has it been easy?  Because there are so many good things to choose from…and that’s the point.  We have talked about new businesses, investments, events, and even a new beer.  But this week, I want to focus on the millions of grant dollars coming into Coshocton County.  These projects not only have an impact in the short term but will change the face of the community for years to come.  And since there have been so many, we expanded the list from 5 to 7 this week!

Top 7 Good Things Happening In Coshocton County…This Week (Grants Edition)

Here are just a few of the grants that have been awarded in Coshocton County.  And while the numbers are impressive, these grants bring in visitors to Coshocton County that eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, and shop at stores!

Coshocton County Justice Center

Coshocton County Justice Center

This is one project that hides in plain sight.  The levy to build the new Coshocton County Justice Center was passed by voters at about the time that a 10 million dollar grant was awarded.  Clearly, the state supported the building of this new justice center.  And the grant dollars kept coming for this project.  As of now, the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections has given 18.1 million dollars to the project.  And the Department of Development has chipped in 3.1 million dollars.  That means that the grant dollars (for this project alone) come in at 21.2 million dollars!

coshocton county ems grant

Coshocton County EMS Building

Another cool project is right in the middle of town.  The Coshocton County EMS is building a new home on the old Coshocton High School facility.  This project would not have been a reality without the 1.95 million dollar grant from the Ohio Department of Development.

Coshocton Tree Grant

For those of us who own buildings on Main Street, the trees have been a discussion for years.  It’s great to have trees along Main Street.  But the ones that were planted over 30 years ago have outgrown their beds.  Generally, they can’t get enough water.  So they shed leaves, seemingly, all year round.  In addition, they have grown taller than needed, so they block local businesses from being seen.  One problem with replacing them, of course, is funding.  The city was recently granted a 1 million dollar USDA urban forestry grant that will be used to improve our “urban canopy.”  This will address the trees on Main Street…and more!

the Coshocton Collaborative

The Coshocton Collaborative

We love this project.  The Coshocton Collaborative is the future hub of entrepreneurship in Coshocton County.  Located at the former Past Time Theater, the Coshocton Collaborative will feature a co-working space, a maker space, and house local offices for small business support.  This project, which will support the future entrepreneurs of Coshocton County (and the surrounding areas) has already been awarded 4.4 million dollars (with hopefully more on the way).

coshocton career center awarded grant

Coshocton County Career Center

We mentioned this one a few weeks ago but felt there were 4.4 Million reasons to mention it again here!  The Coshocton County Career Center has been awarded 4.4 million to go toward the construction to expand their facility.  Growth at the Career Center has necessitated this expansion.  Learn more here.

mcwane ductile river walk

McWane River Walk

We wanted to highlight the McWwane River Walk project again.  McWane donated 500,000 in private funds to create a multi-use path along County Road 1A.  This path has amazing views of the rivers as they come into Coshocton, and represents an amazing private investment into the future of the community.  Learn more here.  If you have not yet had the chance to utilize the River Walk, we highly recommend it!

Water To Warsaw

Finally, we want to highlight a new grant that will help connect water lines from Coshocton to Warsaw.  This grant, which totals 10.25 million dollars, has been funded by multiple agencies and funding sources.  This project taps into the excess water from the city of Coshocton and provides high-quality water to the Warsaw area.  It’s a true win-win.

And these are NOT all of the grant dollars that have been flowing into the community.

These 7 projects represent over 43.5 million dollars…with more on the horizon!

So when we continually talk about the good things going on in Coshocton County, we have the receipts.  We want to give special thanks to the community leaders who have been hard at work on these grant applications.  Each of these represents years of work behind the scenes.

As usual, this is not a comprehensive list, but it’s our Top 7 Good Things Happening in Coshocton County…this week.  If you have other events or cool things happening, please post those in the comments.  Our goal is to keep this positive momentum rolling around the community.

And of course, if you need a place to stay when you visit any of these amazing events, please click here to find Places To Stay!