We are really enjoying the new blogs highlighting all of the good things going on in Coshocton County.  You can find the most recent one here (focusing on the many grant dollars flowing into the community).  But I felt like it was time for a quick update on several projects we are working on here in Coshocton County as well.

Let’s Start at The Roscoe

As we discussed here, we purchased the Roscoe Motor Inn a couple of months ago.  While we had planned to dive into renovations right away, we were interrupted (in a really good way) by hunting season!  Hunters from all over the country visited Coshocton County and filled up our rooms for the better part of a month.  That was great for business but slowed us down on diving into some of the updates we wanted to start.  But we did get one room updated before the busy season started.  You can check it out below.

On the right is Room 5.  It’s clean, nice and comfortable.  But as we pan to the right, you will see Room 4.  This is an idea of what the new rooms will look like!  We are excited about the updates and can’t wait to dive into working on the rest of the rooms.

the roscoe

That is a quick look at an update to the inside.  But we are working on a facelift to the outside of the Rosce as well.  This past week, we had a great crew on location to update the siding.  We think this gives the place an updated, richer look at will help to elevate the facility.  We have also ordered a new sign that will be coming soon.  We are incredibly excited to see these changes taking place.

Oh…and we have been getting asked if we are still open.  The answer is YES!  You can still get a room at The Roscoe.  And you can book it here...just click on The Roscoe.

562 Cambridge Road Coshocton Executive Rental

562 Cambridge Road

Another project that Amy has been feverishly working on is the property at 562 Cambridge Road.  This property started as a flip, but we have decided to keep it and offer a more Executive Mid-Term Rental.  We have added a master bedroom on the first floor, so there is complete first-floor living.  But the property also has 3 bedrooms upstairs, so it can sleep 8 comfortably.  We are still in construction mode on this one, but be on the lookout for pictures and videos on this project coming VERY soon.

the renaissance on man

The Renaissance on Main

While there are not specific project updates on this project, we are proud to see the evolution of this property.  The Renaissance on Main has become a premier location for mid-term rentals in Coshocton County.  We love to house traveling nurses, construction teams, and executives traveling through Coshocton County on business.

The changes are hardly finished, and there is plenty of work still to be done.  But we wanted to send you this update and continue to help us spread the word.  We love it when people Choose Coshocton.

If you want to stay up on the changes and upgrades being made, please follow us on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/ChooseCoshocton.  Or you can sign up for email updates here.