We were not even done writing the Top 5 Good Things in Coshocton County (last week), when we started working on the new article for this week.  When things are rolling…they are rolling.  So let’s jump in with a new list of good things happening in Coshocton County!

Top 5 Good Things In Coshocton County…This Week

Coshocton regional medical center recognized for safety

Coshocton Regional Medical Center Recognized for Patient Safety

If you want people to want to move into a community, you want great schools, things to do, and access to great healthcare.  We have always said that Coshocton has all of that, and these awards continue to tell that story.  Congrats to the team at CRMC for the recognition.  Read more here.

Rainbow Hills Winery and Brewery

Rainbow Hills Winery & Brewery Has Moved

They say location is everything.  If that is true, then Rainbow Hills just made a big move.  While they had an iconic location for years, it was admittedly hard to get to.  Now, the Rainbow Hills Winery & Brewery has moved into the former Unusual Junction location along State Route 36.  Why is this a good thing?  Well if you like to have great locations close together for visitors, then this is a home run.  Rainbow Hills is now right across from Ravens Glenn Winery and just a half mile down the road from Wooly Pig Brewery.  So if you want to do the 3 Rivers Winery Tour (and why would you not?), this is great news!

aspen ridge outfitting

Aspen Ridge Outfitting

Are you interested in a guided hunting experience that is both fun and unique?  Check out Aspen Ridge Outfitting. You can schedule a day field hunt or the tower shoot package.  And since we welcome dogs to The Roscoe, we have seen quite a few great dogs that have come for both the experience and for training.

Construction at the Coshocton Collaborative

Construction Begins at the Collaborative

We are so excited about the Coshocton Collaborative.  It’s the huge project that no one seems to be talking about…and construction has begun.  What is the Coshocton Collaborative?  It is the space on Main Street that used to be the Pastime Theater.  With the hard work of the Coshocton Port Authority and some amazing grants (we talk about that here), it will become our Entrepreneurial hub.  You can learn more by following along on Facebook.  Construction has begun and progress has as well.  Good stuff!

The Roscoe in Coshocton

More Progress At The Roscoe

Let us take just a moment to be excited about the progress at The Roscoe.  As we have mentioned before, the Roscoe Motor Inn is now “The Roscoe” and changes are happening.  The rooms on the first floor are almost complete and work on the 2nd floor is underway.  We ARE still open for business, so you can still rent rooms.

The Roscoe in Coshocton County

If you want to follow along, please follow our Facebook page here.  And believe it or not, rooms are booking up for later in the year.  We love that, but we don’t want to miss you!  So if you have an upcoming event or any other reason to visit, please head to ChooseCoshocton.com now to book your room.

As usual, this is not a comprehensive list, but it’s our Top 5 Good Things Happening in Coshocton County…this week.  If you have other events or cool things happening, please post those in the comments.  Our goal is to keep this positive momentum rolling around the community.

And of course, if you need a place to stay when you visit any of these amazing events, please click here to find Places To Stay!