Progress is not always pretty.  Oh, sure it is at the end!  But during a project, progress can feel slow, and dirty, and tiring.  That is why, when a project nears completion, it can be so rewarding.  That is certainly the case with the Renaissance on Main.

Amy and the team at the building have been hard at work to move this project to the finish line.  The days have been long.  So when the Coshocton Tribune did a story recently about the progress at the building, it felt great.  The feedback and encouragement from around the community felt even better.  It’s certainly rewarding to hear the kind words about the project.

New Rooms At The Renaissance

That is one reason we are excited to announce we have new rooms ready to book.  As the article mentioned, we have moved from a long-term rental model to more of a boutique hotel.  We love the idea that we are welcoming people from all over the country to visit Coshocton County.  We have seen traveling doctors, nurses, and construction workers.  And we have welcomed visitors to Roscoe Village and the Three Rivers Wine Trail.  It’s genuinely exciting.

Ultimately, that is the reason we have created this website.

We wanted to give visitors a place to find our new spaces…and to promote Coshocton County.

So if you are interested in visiting Coshocton County based on the events coming up, we have added more rooms so you can do just that.  We have Studio apartments, 1 Bedroom apartments, and 2 bedroom apartments.  We are booking through Airbnb, so you can find out availability and pricing in one place.  Simply book on Places To Stay to see all of the places we have available.  Then click on the “Book Now” button to learn more and book for yourself!

We will continue to update this site and promote all that Coshocton County has to offer.  For now, please feel free to check out our Places To Stay, or spend some time learning about all of the attractions our area has to offer.  We can’t wait to see you in Coshocton County!